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  • We specialize in securing US trademarks by providing sound legal counsel as we prepare and draft applications before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).
  • Clients receive a Trademark Clearance search to better understand their chance of success.
  • We are experienced. We have filed hundreds of applications.
  • As entreprenuers ourselves, we specialize in brand protection.

Our Practice Areas

The following lists the common transactions we perform, as it relates to securing a trademark. We are skilled attorneys and offer full-scale brand protection to emerging companies as well as in-house counsel for large corporations.


Trademark Registration

Avoid delays and unnecessary costs by consulting with an attorney. We are highly successful in aiding applicants getting their trademarks registered.


Statement of Use

If you applied under Intent to Use, then your next step is to file a Statement of Use, also knowns as an Allegation of Use.



Trademarks do not automatically last forever. The US government requires you periodically file proof of using the remark in commerce and paying a registration fee.


Office Action

If you received an Office Action for your trademark application, schedule a free consultation with us to discuss your options.


Trademark Enforcement

As a full suite law office, we help existing trademark owners enforce their rights against copycats.


More Services

Transfer of Ownership (Assignment), Cease & Desist Letter, Letter of Protest, Petition to Revive, Cancellation Proceeding, Responses to the USPTO.

Pricing plans

Trademark Application and General Counsel

Trademark Application

Register your brand name so no one else can use it
  • Word Mark, Slogan, or Logomark
  • Includes Government Application Fee
  • Includes Trademark Search Report
  • One-on-one Review with Attorney

General Counsel

Available for hire by the hour to support and work with your management or legal team
  • Branding Strategy
  • Cease and Desist
  • Risk Assessment
  • Ad Hoc

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Questions & Answers

The interaction between attorney and client can take as little as a few days as we gather the requisite information for your application. Once submitted, it takes about six months for an acceptance. If rejected there may be an opportunity to convince the USPTO that your application should be resconsidered for acceptance.

The short answer is yes. The long answer is that you might want to register the brand name apart from the logo (aka, design mark). The USPTO requires one application for the trademark WORD and another application for the LOGO. A registered WORD trademark allows you protection to use the brand name in any size, color, or font. The registered LOGO protects the design elements.

The answer depends on what you are trying to accomplish. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) grants trademark registration to companies and individuals who have a bona fide use in interstate commerce. If registered, your brand is protected in all 50 United States and Territories. However, if you do not plan to expand past your State of residence, it may not be necessary for you.

To obtain a federally registered trademark from the USPTO, one must show that the business operates in more than one State. For example, if you sell your goods online, you are selling to customers outside your State and therefore may qualify as selling interstate.