Your Data Privacy with the US Patent Trademark Office (USPTO)

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Will my address be available for everyone to see? The short answer is, yes. The application is public record and the application requires that you list your “domicile.”


What is a domicile? A domicile is your legal address. For a company, it is the office address. For a company with multiple offices, it is the headquarters address. For an individual, a sole proprietor, or an emerging company operating out of their home, it will be your home address. Granted, no one generally wants to reveal their home address, but if you file an application for a trademark, you will have to disclose it.


If I operate out of the home, can my address be hidden from the public? The application requires your domicile no matter what. However, the application allows for a second address where an individual can list a PO Box as the mailing address. As such, only the PO Box will be listed as public information on the application and the domicile will be internal to the USPTO only. This is how the USPTO allow applicants to hide their domicile (home) address and expose only the mailing address for public records.